Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers

The Woodlands, Midtown and Sugarland Locations


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Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers was founded in 1996 in The Woodlands, Texas by Mark Yezak, B.S., D.C. Over the past 18 years HSRC has grown to three facilities located throughout the Houston area. Dr. Yezak and Dr. Neuburger are the owners of these practices.

HSRC engages specialized doctors, orthopedic surgeons, other specialists and therapists who provide nothing less than the highest quality of patient care. With over 50 years of combined medical service experience our dedicated staff draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise in treating and preventing back, neck, and common musculoskeletal injuries. Our goal is to address individual conditions or injuries, and to educate our patients for the prevention of similar injuries in the future. We strive to offer the best customer service in the industry and pride ourselves in our hard work and devotion to each of our patients.


For more information or a consultation about your condition or the services/treatments we provide, please call HSRC and start living pain free Today and always remember-

We’ve  GOT YOUR BACK  281.362.0006


Chiropractic Care


The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers’ staff of highly qualified chiropractors and physicians makes HSRC one of the premier rehabilitation and chiropractic facilities in Houston.

Pain Management


Chronic pain conditions often require pain management medication. The pain management team at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers are well-versed on locating painful conditions and helping patients cope with them.

Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation involves the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries to improve overall physical function. HSRC utilize various interventions to reduce pain and restore motion and strength.